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1031 Tax Exchange on Real Estate Capital Gains Taxes

1031 Exchange is also known as a tax-deferred exchange, 1031 exchanges refer to section 1031 of the U.S.  Internal Revenue Code, which allows investors to defer capital gains taxes when they exchange qualified real estate for “like kind” properties. 
Basically it is used to stave off settling with Uncle Sam.

There are numerous options including a delayed exchange, a simultaneous exchange, and a construction exchange.  A 1031 exchange is not tax-free.  It simply defers the taxes until you realize a cash gain from the sale of your property outside of any exchange. Eventually you will have to pay Uncle Sam.
Garth has been working with 1031 exchange tax experts and attorneys in the Durango area and helping his clients keep more of their equity.  This enables clients to increase their buying power and buy more property.
The website you can go to learn more about 1031 exchanges is www.1031taxinfo.com.  

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